Sheri Grant also known as Sheri Able was born in South Africa.

Sheri started tap, ballet and modern jazz at the age of three and began performing in the annual theatre shows called the eisteddfods. At the age of five she toured and sang with her father who is a well-known singer and impersonator with his own stage show. By the age of six she began teaching herself piano. Her first song ever written was at the age of eight and she continued to write from a very early age, influenced by Supertramp, Paul Williams, and Rod Riguz. When Sheri played her music for the performing arts school they accepted her based on her ability to write and play by ear.

She continued to write and sing her music and entered and won many talent shows up until the age of ten. Her parents then enrolled her in opera singing classes which she continued with till she was in her late teens. At age eleven her parents were approached by a top photographer by the name of Gavin Furlonger who insisted that she become a model. So Sheri was placed with an agent who found her exceptionally photogenic and gave her so much work her school work began to suffer.

By fourteen Sheri appeared in the first ever T.V commercial for Edgars Fashion House. Her modeling career took off and she appeared as a lead in 15 T.V commercials plus magazine, fashion shows and dance shows. By fifteen she went on to being one of South Africa’s Top Models and became well known for the following principle roles in commercials: Western flyer, Radox Soap, Nugget Slicker, Brut Champagne,Shoebiz, and Kalvinator Sheri then began to audition for Broadway musical shows. Her first attempt was for the Best little Whorehouse in Texas at the age of fifteen and was picked for the show out of hundreds of others. At 17 she auditioned for ‘Mame’ and was chosen to dance and sing in the chorus.

She Signed a contract with Brickhill and Burke productions. The Show played for a year at the famous Civic Theatre in South Africa. After ‘Mame’ Sheri was asked to audition for a James Coco show called ‘Not at the Place’ with Joe Masiell. This was produced by well known Director Taube Kushlik who chose Sheri and three other girls to sing and Dance alongside Joe Masielle from New York. The show was a 6 month contract at the Market Theatre in South Africa. At 18 Sheri then went to Europe to Model for Gaenor Becker in London.

She worked for cosmopolitan in Greece and some other very well known magazines like Enika and Entea. After Greece she went to Milan where she worked for Ricardo Guy and modeled for Grand Bazaar. Sheri returned to South Africa after a year of modeling throughout Europe. Sheri was asked to stand in for Sharon Stone in the movie King Solomon’s mines featuring Richard Chamberlin. J.Lee Thomas who was the Director on the show encouraged her to get into film. So she began to audition for film and Television. Her first movie she acted in with a lead role was called City Wolf, produced by Karat films. Then another role came her way in ‘You Must be Joking’ directed by Leon Schuster who is famous for (The Gods must be crazy). Next sheri played a role in a 13 part episode called ‘Honey Ball se toure’. After that another series called ‘You be the judge’. Next sheri landed a principle role in ‘Evil below’ with June Chadwick and Wayne Crawford. Sheri then moved to LA where she played small roles in Dallas, Dynasty and Hotel. She also had a small scene in the movie ‘Punchline’ produced by Columbia pictures , a small part in cracked produced by Aaron Spelling productions. She also performed in various venues in L.A. playing piano and singing her own material. Sheri then returned to South Africa where she formed her own original band called ‘Justus’.

She performed at various venues such as the Black Sun which was a famous club for original music artists, she had great reviews and notoriety, the press wrote” Rocker Sheri Dazzles Fans”. She then auditioned for the Broadway musical ‘Joseph’ and landed the principle role of Potifers wife. After a six month tour Sheri then moved to Vancouver, Canada. There she joined the top agency Morton Talent, and worked in many commercials, magazines and movies. Her next small lead role was in a movie called Silhouette produced by North American pictures and directed by Lloyd Simandel . In 1989 Sheri began to create productions for various community theatres and schools in Vancouver. Sheri produced, choreographed and wrote the music for shows working with adults, teens and young children. Sheri put on 5 shows a year at at theatres in Vancouver and Burnaby in Canada for 7 years. Sheri then met very well known Canadian award winning guitarist, James Grant. Together this ‘cream of the crop’ talent began an original project, with James’s talent and studio coupled with Sheri’s songwriting and singing ability, they soon recorded an album and put a band together using talent from Sweden, Greece, Canada and South Africa.

They called themselves ‘Split Personality’ and toured internationally for a year making a name for themselves. Soon this group, not only gained a following, but began to play with other well known act e.g. Opened for Little sister, Played with Larry Amos, performed at Late nite al’s, Tandoor, and the annual Mardi Gras in South Africa (accommodating over 5000 people). As well as the famous ‘Roxy Club’. After this Sheri landed a principle role in the comedy theatre show ‘The Mating Game’ directed by well-known english director Rex Gardener. After a six month contract at the Andrea Hugenot Theatre she returned to Vancouver and joined forces with James Grant Productions.

They began writing, recording and performing live original music productions , she also returned to school where she obtained a masters in animation and digital arts, while still performing live in various club venues in Vancouver. In 1999 Sheri and James began a tour of the USA they moved to California and set up a state of the art digital production studio called Digipro Multimedia. James began writing for Film and TV, and began to put an instrumental album together and sheri began writing her 3rd album ‘Gypsy.

They spent two years perfecting their work and composing for various projects, including Film, TV, and Radio and Internet, (voice-overs and background music). They also spent 8 months playing on 6th street in Austin Texas. One year later they moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where they began recording both albums. ‘Gypsy’ launched in 2005 this album is a blend of African, Celtic, Gothic -Pop. Her music is a journey of her life story. Sheri’s latest album ‘uprooted’ is a Blend of Ambient Pop-Rock with melodic textures and lyrics that journey through a tapestry of her life.

Soundtrack Pros now based in Orange County where they produce and write music for Film,Television, Commercials, Radio and music libraries. Sheri composes, produces, writes music, Lyrics, sings and plays keyboards.